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The Indianapolis Vegetarian Society is Indy's primary resource for vegan and vegetarian living, hosting a variety of events and providing an active online community. They came to Glass Web Projects needing to rebrand in budget-friendly phases. Our strategy started with some small updates on their WordPress site, bringing their message and content together in a cleaner, more user-friendly way. The next phase was a complete web redesign, moving their site off WordPress and into a layout that organized their message even more clearly. They still needed to connect with their audience in a stronger way, and we started the next phase of adding in some plugins to enhance their user's experience: an interactive map of local restaurants with vegan and vegetarian options, a searchable collection of vegan and vegetarian recipes, and an events module capable of selling tickets. The end result is a highly interactive website that connects their audience, provides easy-to-use resources and makes their mission more credible.


“Before Glass Web Projects, we were using a site that looked more like a blog than a legit website. Users had to scroll through a lot of data to reach anything. We now have a searchable restaurant page where users are able to leave reviews. IVS now has a website we’re proud of, uniquely tailored to our needs and we’re further along than we have ever been. Glass Web Projects has definitely helped IVS gain more attention and become the resource we strive to be.”

Jessica Suhre | Coordinator | Indy Vegetarian Society

Indy Vegetarian Society