Our website was in need of a refresh, and we wanted someone who could help create a custom theme that was clean and showcased our many programs and events in an easy-to-digest format. Our old theme was clunky and out-of-date and not working well with our plugins, which was causing issues across the rest of the site. People are commenting on how simplified our website is and how easy it is to navigate. That was one of our main priorities along with making it clear what IndyHub does off the bat, and it seems like people are really learning more about our work as opposed to just visiting our popular pages: our calendar and volunteer opportunities. Now we are focusing in on behavior once people land on the site and how we can make that better or use it to our advantage.

-Laura Granieri, Communications Manager

About IndyHub

IndyHub is an advocate for Indy’s twenty-thirty-somethings, providing a resource and space to learn about and become a part of the city.

About This Project

Our team was approached by IndyHub in 2018 to build their latest web design presence and we provided web hosting and domain support using a mix of contract and volunteer team resources.