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Providing web solutions for Indiana's sustainable organizations

Our Story: Glass Web Projects was founded with the goal of helping local sustainable businesses and spreading sustainable practices to the Indiana community. Just like any business, we started out small and grew into an influential player in the sustainability community. We are committed to our community and use exclusively local interns and freelancers to foster local development.

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We make it our job to understand the unique needs of our conscious clients.

Open for Service

"Derek and his team were instrumental with the viability of Open For Service. Glass Web Projects was able to quickly create a much needed application and demonstrate a proof of concept that will be vital to our future. We are currently hosting thousands of records in our database and have had great response from a user perspective. Now we can focus on scaling and fundraising!"

Josh Driver
Owner - Open for Service

Keystone Pledge of Resistance

"Over the past two years we have done a lot of work organizing and trying to promote the Keystone Pledge of Resistance. Interest had begun to lag a bit as the decision about Keystone was delayed time and again--a great thing for us, but the fading target meant our tight organization began to lose its focus. Glass Web Projects connected us with their animator..."

Jeff Kisling
Coordinator - Keystone Pledge of Resistance

Indy Vegetarian Society

"Before Glass Web Projects, we were using a site that looked more like a blog than a legit website. Users had to scroll through a lot of data to reach anything. We now have a searchable restaurant page where users are able to leave reviews. IVS now has a website we’re proud of, uniquely tailored to our needs and we’re further along than we have ever been. Glass Web Projects has definitely helped IVS gain more attention and become the resource we strive to be."

Jessica Suhre
Coordinator - Indy Vegetarian Society

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Committed to Good

We Play The Game, Too

Sustainability is a part of every aspect of our company, from the daily operations to our business model. This gives us a unique opportunity to help your organization develop technical solutions that support a sustainable future.

We are passionate about working with companies who do good and do some good ourselves

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