Open for Service

Open for Service

Derek and his team were instrumental with the viability of Open For Service. Glass Web Projects was able to quickly create a much needed application and demonstrate a proof of concept that will be vital to our future. We are currently hosting thousands of records in our database and have had great response from a user perspective. Now we can focus on scaling and fundraising!

-Josh Driver, Owner

About Open for Service

Open For Service is a grassroots, nonprofit network for people to support and celebrate businesses that oppose discrimination of any type, businesses that open their doors for everyone. They do this by selling their instantly-recognizable sticker to these businesses for display to the public, and then give the proceeds to SCORE, a national nonprofit dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground. They came to Glass Web Projects as their organization was gaining sudden national attention. They needed a large, custom map to display their network so their audience could shop with and support those who do not discriminate, and they needed it yesterday. We analyzed the amount of information going into the map and we were able to build it out in record time, holding space on our server for thousands of records and giving their audience exactly what they needed to connect with the cause. Open For Service was Glass Web Projects’ 2015 Recipient of our donated nonprofit services in Indianapolis. Coming soon to Open For Service are two custom animated videos to help explain both their mission and the donation process.

About This Project

Our development team collaborated with OFS in 2016 to volunteer and provide a pre-built mapping plugin to illustrate the many businesses around the country and world who are “Open for Service” and focused on a non-discriminatory policy business model.

Open for Service