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Derek Glass

Derek Glass


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About Me

Derek spent his early years playing around with (and usually breaking) the operating system of a black-and-white Apple computer and restoring the system from a good ol’ floppy disc, which somehow led to a degree in Computers and Information Technology from Purdue University at Indianapolis.

Derek loves thinking about what technology he can create to solve problems. He enjoys being part of the discovery process as well as being wrist-deep into the code of projects. His areas of expertise include WordPress, PHP/MySQL, C# .NET, jQuery, Windows system administration, HTML, CSS and Responsive Design. He is also an active volunteer consultant for a regional sustainability initiative called Mid America Prosperity and Security (MAPS) which works with universities and industry professionals to promote sustainability for community growth. He thrives on collaborating with compassionate people.

Insisting that all his jokes are both original and funny, Derek is the open-minded entrepreneurial spirit you’d expect from a guy with a homemade bike cargo trailer. Whether he’s strumming guitar tunes for his young daughter to dance to, taking long walks around the neighborhood with his family, or watching a Jurassic Park movie marathon while wearing pizza pajama pants, Derek is all about making good things happen.

Why Glass Web Projects? Derek is passionate about smart websites that succeed, and he’s inspired by organizations doing great work. Put them together and you’ve made his day. You’ve made his life, actually.

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