Principal / Creative Strategist

Katie Glass

Katie Glass


  • Business Planning and Goal Setting
  • Research
  • Organic Food Guru

About Me

Katie started her first company somewhere between the kickball diamond and the climbing tree at the age of 10 with her friends at recess. Her post-high school years were spent hopping from job to job to job to job to job, looking for a company with all her dream ingredients and taking notes.

A lifelong resident of Indianapolis, Katie’s loyalty to all things local and sustainable is solid. She’s inspired by “the little guys” in business and is hell bent on leveling the playing field in their favor. Using business experience from different industries like finance, marching band instruments, real estate, stuffed animal creation and more, Katie can finally unleash her drive to use business for good using a strategic vision and lots of fair-trade chocolate breaks.

Katie is a lover of all things baby-related, including her very own beautiful baby. She’s a budding minimalist and enjoys baking and eating desserts. She loves running her dog Ruby through agility courses, giving her lots of snuggles and creating new nicknames for her.