Director of Positive Morale

Ruby Glass

Ruby Glass


  • Beautiful Smiles
  • Security Management
  • Furry Snuggles

About Me

After a brief beginning in a shelter in Northern Indiana, Ruby relocated to her family in Indianapolis in 2009 and she has never looked back. Her unforgettable charm warms the souls of her family, friends and coworkers on a daily basis. Her dedication to being adorable has pushed her to shockingly high positions in her career at such a young age. Ruby rarely has a moment when she is not using all her assets to spread happiness to those around her.

As Security Manager, Ruby spends her days using her criminal justice background (which includes and is limited to watching old reruns of Cops) to protect her family from daily dangers such as squirrels, bunnies and possible intruders. Her commitment to security in the home and workplace is unmatched. She also has really cute brown eyes.

In Ruby’s free time, she can be found racing around the courses at Pawsitive Partners agility school where she has recently conquered the teeter totter. Between naps, she enjoys hiking, destroying braided ropes, gazing at her mother, browsing the farmers market, chasing her little sister for dropped food and sunning her soft fur.